Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Very Beginning....

Hello! I am Ms. Slowski, a girl and avid gamer (gasp). Yes, there are a lot of us girl gamers out there and we are proud of it. I became a gamer not too long ago and here is how it all began....

When I was a little girl all I asked for a game console every Christmas and Birthday. Back then it was a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, then Playstation and so forth. And every year I never got one. I never made my parents feel bad (I don't think they ever really knew how badly I wanted one) but a little piece of me was disappointed. Then one day I met my Prince Charming, who also happens to be quite into video games himself and my passion was finally discovered.

I love and play as many games as much as I can, and LOVE to talk about anything that has to do with gaming. Right now the game I am playing the most is WoW (World of Warcaft). Watch out for Etherial, a level 80 Holy Priest. She might not be able to kill you, but she rarely ever travels alone.

I hope to strike up conversations on all aspects of gaming and get everyone who has a passion for video games involved and enjoy them even more. It's BlizzCon this week, and although I wasn't able to go, I did watch the live footage and there is a lot to talk about!

Each week I hope to talk about a new game I'm playing, current news and upcoming releases. Side note: We may also have to incorporate some football as well since its football season.


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