Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leave it to the Fans....

If Valve doesn’t do it someone will! Fans have been anxiously awaiting a new map for the original Left 4 Dead and come Halloween they will have one!

Some dedicated fans have been working on a new scenario called “Dead by Dawn”, which takes place at the Crossroads Mall which is from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Here you will try to survive getting through the mall with security guard C.J., who has a personality of his own.
These developers have been working hard for the L4D community and have used Valve’s mod tools from Half Life 2, and have gotten their full support. Valve has even so much as helped them out with an audio clip…can you guess what that might be (hehe)?!

That’s right Valve contributed a clip of Francis saying, “I hate malls” (another classic from the tough guy)! That is some true dedication to this new scenario, and the developers say they will not go back on their word about the release date. “We promised you a Halloween release date, a Halloween release date is what you’re going to get” (straight from the horse’s mouth).

So get ready for Halloween this year guys…we are geeking out Zombie style!

Update: As of right now, this campaign is exculsively for the PC version only...hopefully Microsoft will step it up and release it on the 360 as well

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  1. Woot! How did I not know about this?!?! You mike and I need to play this soon!