Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Serve and...KILL!!!

So as some of you may or may not know I do not care for the Playstation 3. I am an Xbox 360 girl, and proud of it! However, I do own a PS3 and I would like to tell you the one and only reason why I own one...

The game is called "Monsters". You can buy it on the PS Network for I think $8-10, and it’s by a company called Pixel Junk. It is by far the most addicting and best tower defense game out there! It came out in January 2008 and that winter/spring/summer it was the number one game I played...probably like 5 hours a day :)

It takes place on an island and you a little tiki man where you can either play by yourself or with another person. And like every other tower defense game, you need to make sure that those Monsters don't get to your home and kill your children (oh dear!).

The reason this game has become so popular, and was practically forced by fans for a sequel, is the creativity of it. Its bright colors and fun music make these little cartoon characters come to life. The levels are very unique in that it’s not just a straight line that the monsters travel on. As the levels get hard, so do the monsters (like fire resistant guys) and the paths that they take become unknown.

The playability level is high. Once you beat all of the levels you can go back and try for a rainbow! To get a rainbow, you must complete the level without loosing a single member of the family, which is not as easy as it may seem a first (it took me months!).

And after many months of demanding fans Pinkel Junk came out with a sequel or expansion to the game (Monsters Encore), and just this month a version for the PSP called Monsters Deluxe has been release with the orginal content and even some bonus levles. At first I thought the expansion pack might just be a few levels, but no...there is a whole other island!!! With new monsters and their new skills, there are hours beyond hours of new game time. If you become an addict to this game like me, and finished faster than you planned on (freak), there is a smaller island where all you do is type in a word, or random letters, and the game produces a whole unique level based on those letters that you typed in.

And if you get bored with that (!) then try for the new achievements that have been added or give yourself a challenge by playing online and trying for the top score.

This game is one of my favorites, and was completely worth the $399 (shhh...yes i did buy the PS3 solely for this game). So go out and enjoy throwing fire balls, arrows, cannons and shooting laserz at these cute monsters to try and protect your family!

P.S. Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek tomorrow at an upcoming release!!!

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  1. Very cool! Not sure if Mike told you, but I am getting a PS3 very soon. We wanted a Blue ray player and figured we might as well spend the extra $50 and get the PS3. I am looking forward to Demon's Soul, Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo!