Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Passions in One

I'm sorry that i haven't posted much in the last few months. You know it was that time of year, lots of new releases! Which ultimately means lots of playing :)

But I have come back, so have no fear!

Over the last few months I have been really trying to figure out what my passion is in life. My job is not that exciting, and I know that I won't want to do it forever. We all know I LOVE video games, however, I can't program or draw a job in the video game industry will be tough to find for this little lady. That doesn't mean I'm giving up though!

So I really got to thinking and realized I love to bake. My nickname since I was about 2 years old has been Cake (that was how my friend pronounced my name and it stuck). So I think it fits! Well, i have been doing a lot of research and planning and tonight I did it!

Michael's birthday is in exactly one week and I thought, since he loves food, I would make something really special for him. So what else would a video game loving girl give her video game loving boyfriend?!?! Video game cupcakes!

It didn't take as long as I thought it would, and some turned out better than others. But for creating my own cupcakes and doing something that wasn't store bought...I am kinda proud of myself. Lets just hope I keep improving :)

Featured Video Games: Mario, Zelda, Pacman, WoW - For the Horde. I also had to include the red ring of death because those painful memories will never leave my mind. And I know that Domo isn't in any kind of video game...he's more like our apartment mascot!


  1. Amazing!! Best cupcakes I've ever seen.

    I'm not even biased or anything! =D

  2. omg omg omg. Next time we get together you -MUST- make me the triforce! Absolutely awesome work cait!

  3. Brilliant idea - love it. The only thing that could have been better was if there were 50 of them :)